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ACC Life Groups ... Online!

A place where faith and action meet in the fellowship of our church.  Join a life group and be challenged to live God's Word out in your lives together.

Starting the first week of May

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Life Groups Line Up:

Thur 7:00pm

Mark & Pam Forman

Love Like That


Thur 7:00pm

Neil & Connie Jewell

40 Days of Prayer

Sun 7:00pm

Erik & Jenn Vian 

Greater Than

What Can I Expect?


Zoom Call

All groups will be meeting over video conference using Zoom.

You can download the app on your phone or computer for free.

Ideally, we would love to meet in homes, but for now we're online and making the most of it!

Group Encouragement, Prayer, and Discussion

We want you to connect with your group - get to know each other better and pray for one another every week when you gather.  Your leaders are participants alongside you - facilitating discussion, not teaching a lesson. Dig into the material together and collectively be led to live out what you agree upon according to God's Word.

Six to Eight Weeks

Life Group Leaders have made an initial commitment of 6-8 weeks for this first round of life groups (depending on choice of discussion material).  Plan to plug into your group for May and June.  After that time, we will take everyone's feedback, make adjustments and offer another round of groups.  Hopefully gaining new leaders and more participants along the way!

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